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April 23, 2014 8:45 pm
Beautifully Bronze Sculptures of Elongated Women by michael-James Talbot 

2013 - London-based artist M creates beautiful sculptures of elongated women inspired by Greek mythology and Venetian

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Misha helps judge Cas costume contest

It came back…

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Kate Winslet & Leonardo DiCaprio = Perfection

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But when I was doing the scene, [director] Alex Graves said “When you say that last line, ‘I can be your family,’ say it like ‘I love you.’” And that’s the take that they used. (x)


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Elie Saab - Spring Summer 2014
Elie Saab - Spring Summer 2014

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Oh My Maps (by Marc Khachfe)

London-based artist Marc Khachfe fuses science, space, and art in his series of large-scale maps composed of multiple layers of photographs and data. ‘I was blown away by the nighttime images taken of cities at night by the astronauts on the ISS (international space station) and wanted to print out a large poster of the London one for my office, but I found them too blurry and too small to look good good printed out large format’, Khachfe explains. Sourcing open map data, Khachfe has composited the visual information with data and layered it with CGI, to mimic the glow of streets and buildings. finally, photoshop merges all the layers together and play with colors, exposure and glow augment the reality of each image. the artistic interpretations are geographically accurate and match the real images as closely as possible.

Maps (in order): London - Helsinki - Rio - Chicago - Cleveland - Amsterdam

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Dorky is a sexy look on these boys.

this cast i swear to god

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